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What we do:

NATI’s annual conferences are a mainstay; we are able to attract nationally-known speakers and organizations to our conferences. Focusing on practical training, access to the latest information and resources, and informative speakers, our conferences seem to get bigger and better every year. We look forward to you attending!

We maintain a strong network of T&I professionals that are both local and international, and we encourage our members to associate not only with those in the Association but with professionals from other groups, businesses and organizations in the T&I industry. Networking is the best way to meet other professionals, to find out about jobs and training, to learn new techniques and technology, to benefit from the experience of other professionals, and to contribute our own experience and expertise.

Joining NATI is an extremely cost-efficient means of educating yourself and others, advocating for the industry, meeting other top-notch professionals, and advertising yourself.