I am very grateful to the NATI board for extending scholarships to students from our university to be able to attend the conference. There are many expenses that students incur every day, and sometimes that means sacrificing career-building opportunities to be able to afford our education. However, with a scholarship, I was able to take the step necessary to make meaningful connections and learn new things outside of the classroom environment. Not only was I able to network and meet fantastic people within the T&I community, but I was also able to place myself in a true professional space and learn from those who have valuable experience in the field. As I start my career, I know that I now have access to the things NATI has to offer, and I look forward to future conferences.

– Raven Stewart

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The opportunity to attend the NATI conference during my Bachelor’s studying Spanish Translation and Interpretation was so helpful, and the scholarship from NATI made that possible. There is not a lot of awareness of what options are available to you when you graduate with a T&I degree. It was a great chance for me to be able to see what my opportunities were in the field. I was able to meet with people in the field and make professional connections that I would not have had the opportunity to make without attending NATI as a student.

– Abigail Dittmer

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The conference benefited me in ways of connecting with many interpreters and translators throughout the state of Nebraska. I got to learn from their experience and what they have done to get where they are today. I also learned from the variety of presenters that were at the conference. If it weren’t for the scholarship, I probably would not have been able to attend because as a college student, conferences can be a little higher priced and the scholarship made it possible for me. I have made connections from that conference that I still have a year later.

– Juana Pérez

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