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    Adriana Born in the USA, Adriana was raised in Mexico. A Nebraska State Certified Court Interpreter, she is also the Interpreter Coordinator for Douglas County Courts.

    Adriana Hinojosa English-Spanish



    Edie I would like to serve on the NATI Board for a number of reasons. Firstly, I'd like to serve in a capacity that gives back to the group of professional that has helped me so much in my career.  Secondly, I feel very strongly about assisting in the continued development of high standards for our profession and education on interpretation.  Specifically, I feel passionate about taking on legislative advocacy of interpretation/translation contracts for all state providers. Thirdly, I feel my qualifications and qualities would be an asset to NATI and the furthering of the profession. 

    Edie Cruise English-Spanish


    Eliana I am a translator and an interpreter for the English and Portuguese language pair. I have a bachelor’s degree in English, a specialization in Translation, and I will get one more certificate in Translation by the end of this year.The secretarial and managerial positions gave me a lot of experience in areas like marketing, press office, event coordination besides budget and financial planning. Based on that, I would like to offer my services to help NATI develop and grow.

    Eliana Dunker English-Portuguese


    Julieta My passion is people. One of my philosophies is: I am blessed so I can bless others. I am a very flexible person. I want to serve on the NATI board because Janet Bonet nominated me. And after she nominated me, I thought, why not. I am qualified because I love and enjoy working with people. I love to serve. I am bilingual, speak English and Spanish. I am flexible. This is a very good way to serve others! I am an Interpreter and Translator for a school District. I love all about Interpreting and translating. I have experience  interpreting and translating. I translated and interpreted for different groups in the USA and other parts of the world. (Abide Network Ministries, Compassion in Action, Embrace Omaha, Ministering to Jesus, Calvary Ministerial Institute, Nicaragua, Africa, India, Jennie Edmundson, Millard Physicians, Lewis Central District, CBCSD, etc.) I love every second working as an Interpreter and Translator.

    Julieta DeSantiago English-Spanish


     Marsha As NATI Board member since 2008 and holder of Secretary, Vice President and President offices, I am in a unique position. I have participated in the changing and maturing of NATI leadership, practice and vision during this time. If re-elected to the Board and re-assigned as President, I purpose to be instrumental in furthering NATI’s goals of Educating, Advocating and Associating.

    Marsha Conroy English-French



    Tara  I would love to be on the board. I believe in NATI and all the good it is doing connecting us, giving us opportunities to network, even posting job opportunities. I would love to contribute my time and hard work and any skills I have to make NATI even greater than it is. I would love to see our community grow, and get our name out there so that we have an even bigger talent pool to help each other. My top relevant skills for the Board seat are Organization, Networking and Leadership.

    Tara Jackson Sanchez English-Spanish





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